Modern City House

2020 -
Residential new-build and conversion

We were appointed to design a new-build four bedroom dwelling in the heart of a Conservation Area. The house is designed to nestle within its surroundings, hunkered down below the walled garden and service yard of a grand Victorian villa.

Our design incorporates a former potting shed to create a compact and intimate bedroom wing. The existing is juxtaposed with a crisp, single-level concrete framed extension and, corten clad, light ‘cones’.

The dwelling, stitched into its tight and highly constrained site is designed to be completely obscured from the roadside, minimising its impact on the conservation area. Only a small punched opening in the historic garden wall marks its entrance. Views face inward to a central courtyard bounded by a neighbouring gatehouse; tree canopies obscure the skyline creating a dappled light. To ensure a bright and welcoming space, the light cones are strategically centred above focal spaces to increase natural light levels and create dramatic shadowing. The scheme will create an introverted retreat from the noise and life of the city.