Saggerston Estate, Morpeth, Northumberland

Private Client
Individual house

Having lived on the Saggerston Estate for more than 30 years and raised their family there, understandably, the client felt a great attachment to the site, however, nearing retirement, the maintenance of the house and grounds was proving too much for the client. We were approached to design a second, more-practical home on the estate, with the existing dwelling being sold to fund the build.

With planning officers favouring a more traditional design approach and the client coveting a bright, flexible, and modern home with enough space for visiting grandchildren, we were required to design a build that would meet both party’s expectations.

We designed the new home of one and a half-storeys with crisp, contemporary dormers faced in contemporary zinc. The rest of the house uses a combination of locally-sourced stone and larch shingles complemented by painted hardwood window frames.

We created three interlinking zones inside the home that have the ability to be subdivided by sliding walls and small level changes across the plan offering uninterrupted views of the rolling Northumberland countryside and landscaped gardens. The proposed dwelling is positioned well within the site to maximise Southern light, yet flat-roofed timber elements create dramatic shadowing to protect from over-heating while affording a sheltered spot to enjoy a glass of wine and al fresco dining on a summer’s evening.